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The Company "Glazov.Electron " will take part in the Automechanika Astana for the first time

LLC " Glazov. Electron " was formed as a company in 1946.
The sphere of activity of the company "Glazov. Electron " is a manufacturer of wire harnesses for connecting circuits of electrical equipment of cars, motorcycles, and household appliances
Today, the company's customers are AVTOVAZ JSC, Lada Izhevsk LLC, Vesta JSC, and BEKO LLC.
Enterprise LLC " Glazov. Electron is one of the twenty largest manufacturers of wire products in the Russian industry.
Today, the company, the first and only one in Russia, owns IDC technology.
IDC technology means creating a contact by cutting through the insulation (Insulation Displacement Connection).
Improved and more efficient technology allows you to reduce costs and ensure the most reliable connection.
A powerful production base, extensive technological capabilities, high technical potential of a friendly team, skilled workers and specialists are guarantee of reliability of wire production as a business partner. Flexible approaches to pricing issues, depending on the volume, complexity and urgency of customer orders, will allow you to fully fulfill your requests and find the right solutions that satisfy both sides.