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The Automechanika Astana and Komtrans Astana exhibitions ended with new records

The International exhibition of spare parts, automotive components, equipment, and products for automotive maintenance Automechanika Astana, and the Central Asian exhibition of commercial vehicles and road construction equipment Futuroad Expo Astana / Komtrans Astana 2024 took place in Kazakhstan from April 17th to 19th, 2024.

These exhibitions, held at the International Exhibition Center EXPO in Astana in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt, saw the participation of 483 exhibitors from 21 countries worldwide. The total number of visitors reached 12,150, and the exhibition area nearly doubled. Visitor numbers increased by 24% compared to the previous year.

The largest exhibition in the history of Automechanika Astana

This year, the international exhibitions Automechanika Astana and Komtrans Astana attracted attention with 483 exhibitors from 21 countries and 3 national pavilions.

The exhibition area reached a historic record, increasing by 92% compared to the previous year, totaling 15,300 square meters. Due to high demand from new participants, organizers erected a temporary pavilion covering an area of 1,875 square meters at the EXPO International Exhibition Center.

Thousands of brands were represented at the exhibitions, covering sections on parts and systems, diagnostics and repairs, accessories and tuning, car washes and service centers, dealership management and workshops, fuel and lubricants, construction, commercial vehicles, equipment, and parts.

In addition to major global manufacturers and distributors, companies from 21 countries participated in the exhibition, including Belarus, Denmark, Germany, India, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Lithuania, Malaysia, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Turkey, UAE, Poland, Russia, USA, Estonia, South Korea, and Japan.

The exhibition also featured three national pavilions from China, Turkey, and South Korea.

The total number of unique visitors reached an impressive figure of 12,150 people, which is 24% more than the previous year.

The general sponsor of the Automechanika Astana 2024 exhibition was Meiji Sangyo Company (Japan).

These achievements underscore the growing importance of the Automechanika Astana and Komtrans Astana exhibitions in the global automotive and transportation community.


Opening Ceremony of the Exhibitions

The official opening ceremony was attended by the following distinguished guests:     

  • Vice Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Erzhan Erkinbayev;

  • President of the Kazakhstan Automobile Union (KAO), Anar Makasheva;

  • Senior Vice President, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Stefan Kurczawski;

  • Vice President, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, Michael Johannes;

  • General Director of Logistic Network Consultants GmbH, Stefan Schroeder;

  • Board member - Deputy Chairman of the Board of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken", Murat Amrin;

  • Chairman of the Committee for Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Azamat Panbaev;

  • General Director of MEIJI SANGYO COMPANY, Mr. Hajime Hayashi – general sponsor of the Automechanika Astana exhibition;

  • Deputy General Director of the Union of Transport Workers of Kazakhstan KAZLOGISTICS, Zhaslan Zhagparov;

  • Member of the Board of Directors of "Business Media Central Asia", Eugen Alles.

On the first day of the exhibition, another important guest, Minister of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Marjikpaev Ermek Boranbayevich, visited the exhibition. The Minister acquainted himself with the exhibition's exposition, the tuning zone of cars, and the outdoor exhibition area.


Business Program

The business program of the Automechanika Astana / Komtrans Astana exhibitions presented 14 thematic sessions, focusing on key aspects of the aftermarket service and automotive industry.

The topics covered various aspects of the automotive industry, including:

          Offers of Chinese brands in the automotive market of the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Training qualified personnel. Successful experience of cooperation between colleges and car repair shops, implementation of joint training programs with automotive component brands and equipment for car services; 

  • Open your online store in the automotive goods sales sector effortlessly

  • What is CRM and why is it important for car services;

  • Innovative leasing opportunities;

  • Automotive trends, changes in vehicles, energy solutions, and technologies in modern batteries, etc. 

Speakers provided market analytics for auto parts, shared industry trends and insights, contributing to a deeper understanding of the current situation and development prospects. Over 250 specialists and professionals participated in the discussions, ensuring a diverse and informative exchange of opinions.

Information about the business program is available here


Special Zones and Events

Several special zones and events were organized for car enthusiasts:

 An automotive exhibition of tuning projects and exclusive cars in partnership with the largest car community in Kazakhstan, Low_kz;

  • A special zone for cyber racing competitions, organized jointly with Yokohama Kazakhstan;

  • Geely car test-drive zone by G Motors Kazakhstan;

  • Automotive exposition by ECO AUTO Group, displaying premium-class electric vehicles from the globally renowned manufacturer Tesla.


Official Support and Partners of the Exhibitions                  

  •  Astana city administration

  • Kazakhstan Automobile Union (KAO);

  • Union of Transport Workers of Kazakhstan, Kazlogistics;

  • Union of Industrial Investors of Kazakhstan;

  • Union of Builders of Kazakhstan;

  • National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken";

  • Visit Astana;

  • Regional Association of Technical Maintenance Stations (RASTO);

  • Automotive Market Monitoring and Analysis Agency (AMAAR);

  • Automotive consulting company AutoBoss. 


Informational Support and Media Ambassadors

The exhibitions received support from over 40 informational partners, leading to extensive coverage in the media.

More than 400 articles, announcements, and posts were published in various media outlets, significantly increasing awareness of the event.

The combined reach on social media platforms amounted to an impressive figure of over 5,000,000 people, complementing the information campaign.

The official media ambassadors of the exhibitions were Beibit Alibekov @alibekovkz, Olzhas Okas @oljasoqas, and Darkhan Iskakov @low_kz.

Plans for the Next Year

This year, the Automechanika Astana and Komtrans Astana exhibition projects broke records in terms of the total number of exhibitors, exhibition area, number of international exhibitors, and total number of visitors.

The exhibition dates for 2025 have already been determined: Automechanika Astana will take place from April 15th to 17th, 2025, while Komtrans Astana, including the BUSexpo section, is scheduled for May 22nd to 24th, 2025.

Join Automechanika Astana and Komtrans Astana in 2025 to grow together with the industry's best players, exchange experiences, and discover new opportunities!

Organizer: International exhibition company Business Media Central Asia (BMCA).


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