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The Alkor Battery Plant, which has been operating in Tyumen since 2005, is taking part in the Automechanika Astana exhibition for the second time

This is one of the most modern and high-tech factories in Russia, producing a wide range of starter batteries for almost any car or truck.
In 2019, the Alkor plant began production of a high-quality improved battery with liquid electrolyte under the brands BEAR EFB and SPACE EFB.
The HQ EFB series of batteries is designed specifically for application with increased energy demand and long life. Maximum long life due to improved internal design and accelerated charge reception.
The main design differences of the HQ EFB from a conventional battery with liquid electrolyte:
• Sealed cover with labyrinth system and filter-flame arrester. It allows condensing water vapor and eliminates the loss of water that occurs during the battery operation.
• Special paste-grease paper with a layer of mesh material that does not dissolve in the electrolyte. This material additionally reinforces the active mass in the plates, which eliminates the destruction and shedding of the active mass during operation.
These main structural differences, along with the use of especially pure lead alloys for the manufacture of gratings and a specially selected paste composition for the active mass, allow us to achieve the following advantages:
• Productivity and resource more than double the performance of conventional batteries with liquid electrolyte.
• Resistance to cyclic stress. Not afraid of frequent engine starts and long periods of inactivity.
• Improved charge reception compared to conventional liquid electrolyte batteries.
• More resistant to deep discharges compared to conventional liquid electrolyte batteries.
• Suitable for cars equipped with Start-Stop system without regenerative braking, as well as for cars with high energy consumption, for example: a tight travel schedule or a lot of accessories and installed equipment.
• HQ EFB series batteries are made using stamping technology for plate grids - PUNCH technology extends battery life.