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Sales and registration of cars in April showed a historic low

According to the Association of Kazakhstan AutoBusiness (AKAB), in April, 1,122 units of cars and commercial vehicles were sold by official dealers (six times less than in March), of which only 213 were registered with the registration authorities. The Kazakhstan car market experienced the largest monthly decline in the history of AKAB statistical observations.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine in the cities and regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, dealers were forced to suspend or limit their activities. Only at the end of April, there was activity after the first online registration for official dealers in the country began to work. However, most of the new cars sold in April will be registered in May-June.

“April is really a significant month for the entire auto business of the country, a time of new opportunities and discoveries. The situation stimulated business and the government to actively introduce online trading. The opportunity appeared to register cars through for the first time, it is very important that the ministries understand the importance of automating their services,” comments Anar MAKASHEVA, AKAB Vice President.

In April, Toyota (224 units), Lada with the result of 172 units lead in the classification of brands on the second line. UAZ (127 units) closes the top three. The fourth place is occupied by Renault - 80 cars sold. Hyundai dealers managed to sell 77 units, the same number of GAZ commercial vehicles were sold. Chevrolet - 57 cars. Further down the list: Lexus (29 units), BMW (28 units), Kia (28 units), Ravon (17 units) and Nissan (16 units).

There was a lull in the secondary market, and this despite the possibility of online re-issuance between individuals. According to AKAB, in April 2020, only 2,853 vehicles were registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan (40 times less than average values). Most of them were registered in East Kazakhstan region, Almaty and Karaganda region.

In May, the situation begins to stabilize. In connection with the softening of quarantine in many regions of the country, special centers and dealerships opened their doors. The number of registrations is growing, including due to registration of sales in April. Market participants expect an increase in sales in the coming months.