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Plastic Auto company will take part in Automechanika Astana 2020 for the first time

Plastic Auto is a Russian manufacturer of door limiter repair kits for cars.
It has been on the market since 2014.
The repair kit is designed to restore the fixation of doors in the extreme and middle positions. The repair kit includes:
- fixers made of graphite nylon;
- dry lubrication of its own production;
- compensation plates;
- detailed photo instructions for installation.

Картинка элементы доверия.jpg

Buying a repair kit is at least 4 times more profitable than buying new limiters. Due to this, repair kits are in great demand among consumers.
The advantage of plastic Auto retainers is the unique composition of graphitocaprolon, which is made according to its own recipe. The manufacturer's warranty for the retainers is 3 years.

When ordering in Plastic Auto, retail customers have to pay for delivery, which is half the cost of the repair kit. It is more convenient and profitable for consumers to buy a repair kit in their city with self-delivery. Therefore, the company is developing a partner network.

The Plastic Auto partner network includes stores and service STATIONS in 28 cities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine.

Plastic Auto invites representatives of auto shops and service centers to cooperate. For partners offers:

- dealer and partner discounts;

- assistance in product promotion;

- provision of advertising materials.

Come to booth A242!