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LLP “SOBEK-Service” takes part in Automechanika Astana

SOBEK-Service LLP is one of the largest suppliers of equipment, tools and consumables for car service stations and tire repair...

SOBEK-Service LLP is one of the largest suppliers of equipment, tools and consumables for car service stations and tire repair shops from manufacturers in the Kazakhstan market: Ravaglioli, Hofmann, Samoa, Beta, Gav, Barnaul Chemical Plant, Chicago Pneaumatic; for car wash complexes and cleaning companies: IPC Portotechnica, IPC Soteco, IPC Gansow, IPC Euromop.

We offer products of high quality only. The guarantor of this is our partners – world leaders in the manufacture of car repair and cleaning equipment. The full range of products supplied, allows you to complete any modern car service or turnkey car wash that meets modern standards, to provide everything you need for the top-level cleaning.

We are different:

  • The breadth of the range. We have available more than 10,000 items of the product name for various activities in the warehouse and under the order;
  • The quality of our product is fully consistent with the price.
  • We guarantee a high level of service, as well as the speed and quality of feedback on any requests;
  • We work directly with European manufacturers: Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Russia, Belarus;
  • We manufacture equipment competing with foreign samples.
  • We have our own production of detergents for car washes and cleaning companies.

Our priorities:

  • We provide the equipment sold by us with a guarantee and prompt service. To do this, we have our own service center, experienced craftsmen who have undergone internships with equipment manufacturers;
  • We timely provide our customers with spare parts and consumables;
  • We deliver, install equipment and train the client.

Also, SOBEK-Service LLP has its own production base and is engaged in the manufacture of disc splicing machines for stamped and alloy wheels, hydraulic presses, electrovulcanizers, spreaders, supports for cars, baths for checking chambers and tires, stations for preparing and cleaning water, console devices and frame high-pressure apparatus for car washes, high-pressure hoses and various accessories.

Choosing “Sobek-Service”, you get quality and reliable cooperation!

At the exhibition SOBEK-Service LLP will present a novelty of this year – equipment for self-service car washes IMOY.

IMOY company produces equipment for automated self-service car washes of the highest quality and reliability, as well as pre-fabricated structures (car wash framework) and equipment rooms. The equipment is installed in the room where the operator’s workplace, technical rooms, communications and so on are also located. According to the washing posts, the appropriate wiring for water supply and chemistry was carried out, and consoles for the selection of washing programs were installed.

We, in turn, provide:

  • Installation and installation of equipment;
  • Service maintenance;
  • Consumables (detergents for washing cars).

The number of cars is constantly increasing, and they need to be washed. At the cost of the services provided, the time spent by the client and the convenience of using the service, no other type of washing (classic, automatic) can compete with contactless car washes of self-service. This type of sink will more correctly be called the “Automated self-service car wash complex”, so we will call it in the future. In Europe and America, self-service car washes were seriously pressed by other types of car washes.

In our country, this process has already begun. Practice has shown that more severe climatic conditions are not a hindrance. This business is not afraid of any economic crises.

A self-service car wash consists of several open posts (the post is the place where the car is washed), to which hoses with pistols for supplying water, solutions and detergents are brought. There are also control panels with the help of which the client independently controls all washing modes. The client washes his car himself, with his own hands. All other equipment is located next to the posts in a special container or room. There is a platform around the facility where a line is formed and places for wiping cars, vacuum cleaners, etc. are given.