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Kazakhstan tops the world ranking in terms of growth in sales and production of cars

In Kazakhstan, the growth in sales and production of vehicles in May showed + 19%.
According to the NCSA (National Automobile Sales Association), which analyzes the automotive industry in 96 of the world's top countries, global sales in May reached nearly 5.2 million units, down 31% from May 2019.

The level of sales and car production in May in comparison with the same period last year shows negative data in the USA (-29%), France (-47%), Germany (-49%), Russia (-54%), Great Britain (-87 %).

At the same time, in Kazakhstan, the growth in sales and production of vehicles in May showed + 19%, which allowed our country to lead the rating of the most stable markets in the world.
Only a few countries also showed positive data: China (+ 15%), South Korea (13%) and Uzbekistan (+ 11%).

The Association of Kazakhstan AutoBusiness notes that it was possible to ensure positive statistics in our country through coordinated actions of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and domestic car manufacturers.

Thus, the State program of preferential car loans is successfully operating in the country. In addition, the program for online registration of vehicles deserves special attention, which during the quarantine period made it possible to protect our population.

According to Kazakh experts, in May 2020, 7770 units of new cars were purchased in the country. Hyundai (1,847 units) became the leader among brands, and Ravon Nexia R3 (1007 units) was noted among the models.

An important role in the growth of statistics was played by the entry into the market of Chevrolet cars, the production of which started at the SaryarkaAvtoProm plant at the peak of the pandemic.

Taking into account the growing export supplies of the domestic auto industry and the effective work of dealers in the online sales service, the leading position of Kazakhstan in the ranking becomes quite understandable.