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Introducing Innovations in Brake Technology by CANBRAKE at Automechanika Astana

Among the companies featured in the Turkish pavilion, one standout player is CANBRAKE. At the Automechanika Astana exhibition, this manufacturer will showcase its drum brake pads, brake shafts, and ABS rings.

Mehmet Çan Bilya San. Tic. Ltd. Sti., which began its operations in 1959, has come a long way in the transportation equipment industry. Starting with the sale of bearings and industrial equipment, the family-owned company transitioned to producing brake systems for heavy-duty vehicles under the CANBRAKE brand in 2016.

CANBRAKE aims to provide its customers with variety and quality. The company's production occupies a total area of 10,500 m², where cutting-edge technologies and processes are concentrated to create products of the highest quality.

CANBRAKE specializes in brake systems for trucks and trailers, including brake pads, shafts, brake plates, linings, and ABS sensors. They actively conduct research and development for new products, aiming to offer customers the most advanced solutions in this field.

The company places great importance on training and development programs for its employees, continually raising the level of professionalism and specialization in their fields.

By offering over 1000 types of products to the market, CANBRAKE has earned respect from global companies as a pioneer of innovations in the industry. Following the motto "Consistency in quality and development," the company continues its journey, investing in high-quality products and diversity.

CANBRAKE is not just a company; it is an innovative leader striving to create safe and efficient brake systems for the automotive industry. The company's presence at the Automechanika Astana exhibition promises to be a significant moment for those seeking cutting-edge solutions in the world of transportation technology.