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Important news in the automotive industry in Kazakhstan

At a press conference in Almaty was presented a new association "Қазақстанның автокөлік одағы" - "Kazakhstan Automobile Union".
According to the founders, the KAU was created to consolidate industry players; represent and protect their interests; put forward initiatives, develop industry development strategies and facilitate their implementation; introduce standards; contribute to increasing professionalism in the industry; interact with partners, regulatory bodies and related structures; establish links between manufacturers, business and society; inform society about news and trends in the automotive market.

"This is a general direction for joint work of the Union participants, and the priority is specific goals: firstly, to make the Kazakhstan car cheaper, secondly, to create new jobs in the automotive and related industries, thirdly, to optimize industrial cooperation and integrate the production of automotive components into the local production base and thus increase the industrial strength of Kazakhstan", - told journalists the president of KAU Anar Makasheva.


The Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the Association of Automobile Component Manufacturers, the Association of Public Transportation, the Association of Importers, the Association of Dealers, the Association for the Sale of Used Cars, the Association of Auto Experts and Auditors (conformity assessment of automotive products) have joined the KAU.

Members of the new union shared their working plans and expectations from the new organization: in the activity of KAU they see not only opportunities for intra-industry support, but also a systemic impact on the country's economy.

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