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General Sponsor of the Automechanika Astana 2024 – Meiji Sangyo Company: Commitment to Quality and Innovation.

Meiji Sangyo Company, a Japanese company with a wealth of experience, representing a highly diversified business in the automotive, railway, construction and industrial sectors, is actively attracting attention on a global scale.
The company is the General Sponsor of the Automechanika Astana 2024 International Exhibition. Why did Meiji Sangyo Company decide to support this significant automotive event and what does it find particularly attractive about it?
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Meiji Sangyo Company, as a trading company, plays an important role in ensuring safety and reliability in the automotive industry, supplying high-quality and proven spare parts, components, oils and technical fluids from leading suppliers such as Akebono, Bando, Aisan, NDC, NWB, Riken, Tokico, Musashi and others.

The SEIKEN brand represents the world standards of brake auto parts and fluids from the Meiji Sangyo Company, which is successfully represented both in the domestic Japanese market and abroad. SEIKEN is a conveyor supplier of brake parts, brake fluid and antifreeze. The PROFIX brand of oils, also from Meiji Sangyo Company, provides the highest quality and stability from batch to batch, and is manufactured exclusively in Japan, which causes high demand both in Japan and abroad.

Meiji Sangyo Company, occupying a leading position in the automotive industry, always strives to support the industry and promote the development of new technologies and innovations. Participation in the Automechanika Astana exhibition is an excellent platform for presenting its latest technological achievements and products. Meetings with other industry leaders and professionals also provide an opportunity to discuss industry trends and challenges.

Meiji Sangyo Company, being a company with global footprint and a broad customer base, sees participation in the Automechanika Astana as an opportunity to strengthen its partnerships in the Caspian region and Central Asian countries and expand its horizons in the global market.

This partnership promotes new international relations and opens up prospects for further development of the company at the global level.

Meiji Sangyo Company, as a company committed to quality and innovation, is proud to participate in the Automechanika Astana. The company participation as a General Sponsor is a confirmation of the desire to support development of the automotive industry, present advanced solutions and products, as well as enrich the exhibition with valuable experience and technologies.