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CARSYS company will present its products at Automechanika Astana

CARSYS is a developer and manufacturer of professional measuring instruments for non-destructive testing of coating thickness. The company produces coating thickness gauges.
bad88658004f38111575874ab2cd3908.jpgCoating thickness gauges are a device for measuring coating thickness (any non-metallic, such as paint, putty, primer), applied to a metal base (steel, iron, aluminum alloys, zinc, etc.).
For example, in the following cases:
- Buying a new or used car;
- Checking the car body before repairing dents without painting;
- Checking the thickness during polishing of the paintwork;
- Painting of metal parts or the car body with control of the coating thickness;
- Assessment of cars by insurance companies and car selection specialists;
- Control over the application of fire protective coatings, etc.