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Bagashar Meken LLP brings brand new to the Automechanika Astana

Bagashar Meken LLP - manufacturing company that produces automotive fluids...

Bagashar Meken is a unique domestic manufacturing company that produces automotive fluids which meet European standards.

As of today, the company produces coolants that protect your car from possible risks on a boiling summer day and a freezing winter day, heat-transfer agents for the heating systems and ventilation of premises. Our the company also produces plastic containers of various volume, size and shape on the basis of machine equipment of a German company KAUTEX.

Our production is done at the first integrated plant of cooling liquids in Kazakhstan which has been in operation since 2010. Today the company has a modern production site with an antifreeze and plastic containers production line, quality control laboratory,warehouses and park of raw materials storage.

The present capacity of production is 200 tons every 24 hours. This production is achieved by constant modernization and renewal of the equipment and machines of the best European producers.

The factory has its own quality control laboratory which is equipped with all tools needed to provide quality control.

For the convenience of maintenance services of motors we add phosphorescent dyes into antifreeze which make leakage visible in UV light.

We also produce coolants of brands like NORD, TOSOL SEVER, ALFA. TETA, FINNFROST and REAL which proved themselves in the environment of the North.

All products meet highest modern requirements and international standards and have international certificates and awards. Our production is available in each outlet locally as well as internationally ; in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan respectively.

We can say with reasonable certainty that Bagashar Meken is a flagship company in the region which produces automotive chemicals.

At the exhibition Automechanika Astana 2019, Bagashar Meken LLP introduced its new product – antifreeze NORD TRUCK.

Antifreeze NORD TRUCK is designed for all types of motors i.e. commercial transport working with high and extended load as main tow tracks, heavy duty vehicles etc.

Antifreeze NORD TRUCK:

  • are manufactured using ethylene glycol with addition of diverse addition agents which help to improve performance characteristics of coolants;
  • has high temperature ratings: can tolerate the conditions of heavy operation of machines and equipment without boiling or freezing;
  • optimises work of the cooling system effectively removing excess energy and prolonging the service life of water pump;
  • protects the pump in the best way from cavitation and the sleeves of the motor from pitting corrosion;
  • doesn’t cause the harm to gaskets, elastomers and other non metallic parts of the motor;
  • provides protection of aluminum and soldering surfaces from oxidation and salt adjournment;
  • can be used with all types of diesel and petrol engines and engines working on a natural gas.

Choosing antifreeze NORD TRUCK we guarantee that you will get a product which:

  • meets ASTM D6210, D4985, D3306 standards;
  • up to the specifications of world producers с;
  • contains patented composition of highly effective synthetic and organic additives of DOBER company (the USA).