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Automechanika Astana 2024 exhibitor: TMY Corporation of Japan

One of the outstanding exhibitors at next year's show is TMY Corporation of Japan, whose history dates back to 1947, when the company was founded to manufacture automotive springs and steel materials.
Over the years, TMY has undergone significant changes to become a leading manufacturer of automotive components and related products, adhering to the highest standards of information and technological innovation. TMY Corporation takes its well-deserved place in the industry, striving to improve and meet the challenges that arise, with the main goal of becoming an ideal company in the future.

Business lines:

Auto Parts Division

A network of 24 branches throughout Japan provides spare parts for the domestic market. Each branch offers a variety of products, ensuring sufficient stock to meet customer needs.
Auto Accessories Division
TMY Corporation also owns private sports brands "RG" and "SR", actively participating in various automobile competitions.

Industrial Machinery (Tatsumi Shoji Co., Ltd.)

Tatsumi Shoji Co., Ltd. provides a variety of overhaul machines and components for large-scale production facilities. Their subsidiary cooperating with Toyota holds ISO14001 certification.

Steel Division

The steel division supplies specialty and stainless steel to OEMs. They also export products to countries where specialty steel is in demand, supporting the "KDI" joint venture in Indonesia.

Overseas division

TMY supplies auto parts for Japanese cars to countries around the world, supporting local branches in Singapore, Shanghai, Dubai, Düsseldorf and Vladivostok. The company is a permanent member of JAPA (JAPAN AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS ASSOCIATION).

Brand Diversity


TMY Corporation is proud of its portfolio of over 60 different brands such as Aichi Steel, Micro, GMB, Koyo, Tokico, Bando, 555, Tama, Inasa, Miyaco, NGK and others. This variety of brands emphasizes the company's versatility and expertise in the automotive industry, providing a wide range of products and innovations for consumers around the world.

The participation of TMY Corporation at Automechanika Astana 2024 will provide a unique opportunity to familiarize with a wide range of brands and development prospects in the automotive industry.