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ASIA IMPEX company will take part in the Automechanika Astana for the first time

The ASIA IMPEX company is organized by a group of professionals in the field of distribution of lubricants.
It has been actively developing for more than two years, creating a dealer network.
The company's goal is to promote the Q8Oils brand on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About the products
The name of the Q8 Oils brand is in tune with the name of the state of Kuwait. This is due to the fact that the "Q8Oils" brand belongs to Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants, which, in turn, is part of the structure of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, one of the world's largest oil corporations. The size of the company can be judged by the fact that its customers are 2 billion people, who are supplied with 380 million tons of products per year. In addition, Kuwait Petroleum International Lubricants plans to double the size of deliveries within 5 years.

Lubricants are chosen by professionals
Q8Oils products meet the highest requirements of car manufacturers, have the latest tolerances, and withstand the most stringent API and ACEA tests. The quality of products is ensured by the most important asset of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Kuwait Export Crude oil. It is recognized in the industry as a"benchmark for crude oil". Q8Oils oil is produced at the company's own factories located in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. All companies are certified according to ISO9001, ISO9002, QS9000. Q8Oils - 100% imported oil, manufactured according to European requirements, superior to Russian, American and other analogues.

Q8 in Kazakhstan
The oil imported to Kazakhstan is supplied from a plant located in Antwerp (Belgium), the second largest oil refinery in Europe, which produces base oils - the basis for products manufactured using the most modern technologies. The company has 3 research and technology centers, one of which is recognized as a center of scientific excellence by Kuwait Petroleum Research & Technology.

Due to the fact that Kuwait Petroleum Corporation owns a completely closed production cycle, from the extraction of raw materials to the production of the final product and its sale, affordable prices for lubricants of the highest standards are provided.