Automechanika » According to the results of eight months of 2018, the average cost of a new car in Kazakhstan increased by 7%
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According to the results of eight months of 2018, the average cost of a new car in Kazakhstan increased by 7%

In the first eight months, residents of Kazakhstan bought 36,191 new cars in the amount of 304.6 billion tenge. The average purchase price amounted to 8,429,926 tenge and increased by 7% compared to the same period last year, the press service of the Union of Automotive Enterprises of Kazakhstan “KazAvtoProm” reports.

According to the results of January-August, more than a third of buyers (37.1%) preferred cars no more than 5 million tenge. Of these, 19.7% or 7,146 units accounted for cars of the average price category – from 3.5 to 5 million tenge (-6% by 2017).

Cars of the budget segment worth up to 3.5 million tenge are no less popular with residents of the republic. According to the results of eight months of the current year, their sales reached 6,294 units. (17.4%), but the share for the year decreased by 3.3%.

In the price range from 5 to 7 million tenge 21.3% of the equipment was sold (7,700 units). Thanks to the entry into the market of LADA Vesta SW and SW Cross, the new KIA Rio and Hyundai Accent segment contribution increased by 3.6%. 14.8% of buyers made a choice in favor of cars worth from 7 to 10 million tenge (5,348 units). Their share decreased by 1.3%.

The business (10–15 million tenge) and premium class (over 15 million tenge) segments accounted for 16.1% (5,822 units) and 10.7% (3,881 units) of the primary sales market, respectively. The total share of equipment more expensive than 10 million tenge increased by 6.9% and now exceeds a quarter of the primary market (26.8%). The growth in sales is associated with an update of the available line of business-class sedans.

Most of the positions in the ranking of the most affordable passenger models fall on the proposals of Kazakhstan automakers. Thus, Lada Granta of Ust-Kamenogorsk production remains the leader in affordability, the cost of which starts from 2.8 million tenge.

The top 10 most affordable cars also included Lada Kalina (2.94 million tenge), Ravon Nexia (2.95 million tenge), Ravon R2 (2.98 million tenge), Lada 4×4 (3.32 million tenge), Ravon R4 (3.5 million tenge), Lada 4×4 Pickup (3.65 million tenge), Ravon Gentra (3.73 million tenge), Renault Logan (3.78 million tenge) and Chevrolet Niva (3.99 million tenge).

Rolls-Royce Ghost (178.1 million tenge), Porsche 911 Turbo (66.9 million tenge) and Porsche Panamera (53.4 million tenge) are leading in the ranking of the most expensive models.

Lexus LC (45.6 million tenge), Lexus LS (45.3 million tenge), Audi A8 (44.7 million tenge), Mercedes-Benz G-klass (44.2 million tenge), Lexus supplemented the ten least democratic cars. LX (38.9 million tenge), Mercedes-Benz S-klass (37.4 million tenge) and BMW 7 series (35.5 million tenge).