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Premiere exhibition automechanika Supported by Automechanika successfully hosted in Astana, Kazakhstan

In March Astana successfully hosted the premiere exhibition of spare parts, automotive components and equipment for the maintenance of vehicles automechanika supported by Automechanika (Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo). The exhibition company «Astana Expo KS» with the support of the world’s leading trade fair brand Automechanika organized this large-scale event.

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This year automechanika supported by Automechanika, which is considered a major event in the industry of spare parts, automotive components and equipment for the maintenance of vehicles in Kazakhstan, brought together more than 130 exhibitors from 8 countries. The exhibition was attended by leading local companies Sobek, Kulan Oil, DAV, as well as the national company of the United Arab Emirates – ENOC, German company Genuine Parts GmbH and VENOL, Chinese Shanghai Valsens Auto Parts, Guangzhou Hongdao Automotive Parts and many other companies, representing a wide range of products in the field of spare parts, goods and the equipment for maintenance of cars and commercial vehicles. The representatives from China and Poland had their own individual national pavilions. The total exhibition space of automechanika supported by Automechanika exceeded 3500 square meters.

The opening ceremony was attended by representatives of relevant ministries and industry associations: Vice Minister for Investment and Development of Kazakhstan Albert Rau, President of the Kazakhstan automotive business association Andrey Lavrentyev, Vice President of Messe Frankfurt and Automechanika Brand Manager Michael Johannes, Deputy Minister of Industry and trade of Tatarstan Republic Ildar Mingaleev, General Director of JSC “Kazan Fair” Lev Semenov.

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In three days, more than 2,000 professional visitors from 13 regions of Kazakhstan visited the exhibition. Representatives of 15 countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Turkey, China, Malaysia, Russia and Uzbekistan, also attended the exhibition. A large number of visitors in such difficult time for the automotive industry shows that the exhibition is important for the automotive industry specialists both in Kazakhstan and around the world. According to surveys, almost 90% of visitors rated the exhibition as a useful industry event.

The Kazakhstan automotive business association officially supported automechanika supported by Automechanika. Andrey Lavrentyev, the President of association, said that Kazakhstan comes to higher levels of technology, developing CKD-directions by teaching new young professionals, as well as creating more jobs at the enterprises for the production of automotive components.

Business Programme

The key event of the business program of the exhibition was the Kazakhstan International Automotive Forum KIAF, organized by the exhibition company “Astana-Expo KS” in cooperation with the Kazakhstan automotive business Association with the support of the European Business Association.

The speakers of the Forum were the automotive industry professionals, and the President of the Kazakhstan automotive business association Andrey Lavrentyev moderated the Forum. Among the speakers were such key figures as Albert Rau (Ministry for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan), Johannes M. (Automechanika), Nurtleuov S. (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Mingaleev I. (Republic of Tatarstan Ministry of Industry and Commerce) and many others.

KIAF became a platform for international dialogue between more than 70 participants. Delegates discussed the current state and prospects of development of Kazakhstan’s automotive market, projects on localization of production of automotive components, financing and refinancing projects in the automotive industry, the effectiveness of government support measures and other relevant topics.

Perspective and the relevance of activities within the exhibition is confirmed by the fact that at the end of February 2017 Astana will again gather leading representatives of Kazakhstani and foreign automotive industry to take part in the 2nd Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo supported by the leading exhibition brand Automechanika.