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China imposed new rules: to fine pedestrians with the help of automatic cameras

In Shenzhen, China, for the first time in the world, a camera for fixing violations by pedestrians was launched. It is installed on one of the city’s straining passages and monitors people running across the road to the prohibiting traffic light signal. To determine the identity of the intruder, the camera uses face recognition technology.


During the testing of the system, photos of violators were displayed on the screen next to the transition. Later, a special website was launched with information about violators. Finally, after the system was put into full operation, penalty receipts began to be published on the pages of violators in social networks. In addition, the fact of the penalty affects the credit rating, which is calculated for all Chinese citizens.


The main advantage of this system is the developers consider the inevitability of punishment. “Pedestrians ignoring the rules have always been a problem in China. Classic fines solved the problem was impossible. Our technology will prevent a repeated violation: a person will not go to red, knowing that he will definitely get a fine, “said Wang Yun, manager of Intellifusion, which deals with systems for fixing violations, in an interview with South China Morning Post. It is expected that in China will be deployed a whole network of similar cameras, which will help reduce costs for police officers performing similar functions.


In Russia, the system for recognizing the faces of violators was planned to be introduced in 2013. Then it was planned to amend the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Law on Road Safety, which would allow fine infringers, rather than vehicle owners, to be fined. But due to technical limitations and lack of a full database of drivers, this idea had to be postponed.

Source: www.autonews.ru